Camp Nazareth Receives Gift of Science and Nature Camp Equipment - Golf Tournament Planned to Benefit Science and Nature Camp

MERCER, PA -- Just after the New Year, Camp Nazareth received a tremendous amount of equipment to make its Annual Science and Nature Camp an even better experience for those who will attend in 2018 and in the years to come. A total of 49 new microscopes were received. These included 24 compound microscopes, 24 dissecting microscopes and 1 Clinical Laboratory Microscope (an oil immersion scope). In addition, the Camp also received 2 digital eyepieces with USB cables, 24 prepared slide sets and 10 binoculars for the outdoors. In all, an incredible gift which will allow the Science and Nature Camp to do even more with the study of and simply wonder of God’s beautiful creation.

The microscopes were generously donated by the International Children’s Classic Golf Tournament which was held for years in Binghamton, NY and was run by our church of St. Michael’s there under the leadership of Dr. Nicholas Seketa. The proceeds themselves came from the +Nicholas and +Mary Seketa Scholarship that their son, Dr. Nicholas Seketa, established at the time of their passing into eternal rest. Dr. Seketa requested a few years ago that the proceeds of the scholarship be added to the Tournament proceeds.

During the Fall of 2017, Dr. Seketa had asked the Camp what could be done to help the Science and Nature Camp. The result was his partnership with Scope Instrument Company, a company that supplies science equipment to schools and other industries, and Accu-Scope the distributor of the 48 Scopes. Dr. Seketa secured a 50% discount on all the equipment that was purchased for the Camp. Accu-Scope and Scope Instrument Company were kind enough to offer this incredible discount for the benefit of our Science and Nature Camp and the result was what the Camp received just after the New Year. We often talk about how our families get to celebrate 2 Christmases, one on the 25th and another on the 7th. Well, this was like Christmas all over again for the Camp!! It took a while to open these gifts, because they were double-boxed, but Wow!, what a gift!!

In addition to the microscopes secured through Accu-Scope, Mr. Michael Kutch of the Scope Instrument Company in Vestal, NY, personally donated the Clinical Laboratory Microscope (oil immersion scope). It is a powerful piece of equipment that together with the rest of the items, caused His Grace Bishop Gregory to say that Camp now possesses more optic power than the rest of the State of Pennsylvania!

This will not be a one-time gift however. The Golf Tournament to benefit the Science and Nature Camp will begin this year and continue each year following. The Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 23, 2018 at Endwell Greens Golf Course in Endwell, NY (next to Binghamton). All the proceeds from the Tournament will benefit the development of the Science and Nature Camp. Currently the Tournament is looking for golfers, hole sponsors, advertisers, etc. The plan is to hold the Golf Tournament in Endwell the first couple years and then move the Tournament to Camp Nazareth. The Camp use to host a golf tournament each year, and now by the looks of it, it will soon again.

Among the possibilities: a golf weekend at Camp (September, October, early June?). Arrive Friday. Golf nine holes Friday afternoon as a sort of warm-up round. Friday evening dinner at Camp. Saturday is the tourney day. Enjoy a great round of golf at Buhl Country Club (semi-private course) – well, hopefully we shoot a great round of golf! Great meal included. Back to Camp for a nice evening – might get on the High Ropes Course, might relax by the pool, might have some late-evening hors d’oeuvres in the Pavilion. Sunday morning Divine Liturgy (with Bishop Gregory hopefully!). For those that would want to play another round on Sunday, we could even have a “Golfers Liturgy” (7am?). The Sunday round might simply be up to each team/participant. But a nice brunch after Divine Liturgy and we all head back home. All meals provided by the Camp. Stay in the newly renovated Cabins or in the Staff Lodge. A great weekend. Maybe the 1st Place Prize could include the following year’s tournament free for the winning team.

The Golf Tournament promotional material will be coming out soon. Be on the look-out for the Camp Nazareth Classic scheduled for June 23, 2018 at Endwell Green Golf Club, in Endwell, NY right next to Endicott and Binghamton.

The Camp thanks the International Children’s Classic, Dr. Nicholas Seketa, Accu-Scope and its President Mr. Brian Taub, Scope Instrument Company, and Mr. Michael Kutch for this incredible donation to benefit its Science and Nature Camp. We look forward to using the equipment and to what is yet to come from this partnership that will help the Science and Nature Camp become what His Grace Bishop Gregory established it to be: a program that explores, discovers and wonders at the beauty and goodness of God’s beautiful creation.