New Multi-Purpose Facility Completed!

With God’s help in everything and at every step, Camp Nazareth completed the building of a new multi-purpose structure in late November.  The structure “sits” between Cabins A & B and Cabins 1 & 2.  The structure (affectionately known as “The Ark”) is roughly 2300 square feet and includes a large meeting space, 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, a front porch, a vaulted ceiling and laundry facilities.  It will be used in different ways, depending on the needs of the Camp and its user groups.  It can be used as a speaking venue or an activity area (rainy days, movies, exercise, etc.).  It can also be used as a cabin for Staff if the needs of the user group call for it (which has been the case for several years now).  The Ark provides the Camp with a great deal of flexibility and will be especially helpful for groups that often use the Lodge for both meals and their activities.  We are grateful to God for everything and ask that we would always use what He has given us in a way that glorifies Him.  “The Ark” will be blessed and dedicated at our Diocesan Clergy Retreat in April.