For Parents

Dear Camp Nazareth Parents,

Here at Camp, we are preparing for the arrival of your children.  We continue to ask our Lord Jesus Christ for help in this task so that our children’s Camp experience would draw them closer to Him, that even in a short period of time at Camp they would be transformed by the presence of God in their lives.  This is an incredible responsibility and opportunity, one that we are partners in as Diocese, parents, children, and staff.  In cooperation with one another, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our beloved Camp will be everything we, and our children, need it to be in the eyes of God.  We thank God for the blessing of this Camp, its founders and benefactors, its previous staff and volunteers, and its campers and their parents.  We have inherited a genuine blessing.  In that spirit of gratitude we eagerly look forward to another wonderful and blessed year at Camp Nazareth. 

As we prepare for the arrival of your children we want you to know that the safety and well-being of your children is Camp Nazareth’s primary concern.  Camp provides a safe Orthodox Christian environment in which your children will be well taken care of from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave for home.  We take this responsibility seriously at Camp and we want you to know that we continually look for ways to improve the camp experience by providing the safe environment you expect from us.  We ask that you partner with us in this endeavor by preparing your child for the Camp Nazareth experience.

At the Camp we provide the safe and peaceful environment as well as an excellent Camp Program.  We ask you to provide children who are prepared to receive all that Camp Nazareth has to offer them. 

With that in mind, this page is offered to you as a resource to help you and your child prepare for Camp.

If you have any suggestions of materials you think would be helpful for us to share with other parents and families, please contact Fr. Stephen at

Camp and the Coronavirus

We are hopeful that we will be able to proceed with our Camping Program and are making the usual preparations.  However, we are living in UN-usual times.  Camp Nazareth is grateful that you entrust it with the care of your children.  We take that trust seriously.  Here are a few resources we are using to help us prepare for your child’s arrival at Camp that relate to the Coronavirus.

  1. American Camp Association Coronavirus Resource Page 
  2. Association of Camp Nursing Resources 
  3. Center for Disease Control Coronavirus Resource Page
  4. March Letter from Fr. Stephen to Camp Families (PDF Format)


Preventing Homesickness

Please read this excellent article by Fr Michael Nasser, a former Camp Director at Antiochian Village.  It was written to help families prepare their children for camp and to help circumvent potential homesickness.  The article will give you some practical steps to help minimize the impact of homesickness for your children while they are at camp.  As for you parents, sorry you are going to miss your children terribly while they are at camp, but know that we are taking good care of them and their absence is only temporary.

Read Article  


A Healthy Camp Begins and Ends at Home

This is an excellent article to read as you help prepare your child to have a great Camp experience.

Read Article


Helpful Hints for Preparing your Camper for Camp – The key do’s and dont’s

We encourage all parents to view these top tips of how to prepare your child and yourself for camp.  These tips come from one of the leading professionals in the camp industry, Dr. Chris Thurber.  In short, the tips he offers are the biggest mistakes that we see parents make that in turn make a child’s camp experience more challenging.  Please avoid the pitfalls and let your child succeed at camp by following these helpful hints.


Camper Parent Handbook

Please take the time to look through the Camper Parent Information Guide as it contains NEW and IMPORTANT information to help prepare your child (and you) for camp.  Please read the section about Packing for Camp carefully as it contains important information about what to bring to camp and what not to bring.  We often hear from campers that they were unaware of what they could and could not bring to Camp.  Remember that a prepared camper will get more out of their camping experience than one who is not as prepared.

Download Camper Parent Handbook (PDF Format)


Dress Code

Download Camp Dress Code Policy (PDF Format)